It's Not My Problem

Everyone has their own problems.
But the scale of our problems are not the same.
Some of them might be easy to solve.
But for some, its hard.
It's beyond their own capability.
It's beyond their own control.
Solving problems is like solving puzzles. Match a piece by peace will help you to solve the whole puzzle. [source]
However, there are no problems that can't be solve.
Impossible, is not an issue in solving problems.
As long as, we have some helping hands.
As long as, we have someone to watch our backs.

Pāto 21 ~ Everyone Has Problems

My friend(C, easier) and I came early to the venue for PPES Integrity Day at Grand Margherita Hotel.
We thought our duty started at 8 am in the morning, but later we found out that it was 10 am.
So, we had our breakfast at Nibung (from what he told me), just near to the Pullman Hotel.
Then, after a while, he started to tell me his stories.

He told me that he had an outcast in his home.
An outsider, a girl, who has no blood relation to his family or whatsoever.
She actually, was left by his BF at his house, while he went back to his own house.
They are both stayed together at C's house before.
But when the guy left, he left his GF at C's house. What???
It gave me a big shock. Why should her stay, while his BF is not there anymore.
C's family tried to "get rid" off her from the house.
They even tried to find her a job, but she didn't last for long.
So, she stays there, doing nothing.
There are no problem that can't be solve. [source]

Pāto 20 ~ Plan is just "A Plan" Afterall

This is what I hate about plans.
We all could plan everything, we all could arrange anything,
but it all turns out, the plan was never executed.
The plan was never implemented.
The plan was never carried out.
So, that's why I hate plans.
We need more action than a plan. [source]
The story begins like this.
Last night, a friend of mine, thought of asking me and a friend of him, out for lunch today.
I had thought that he asked us out, but it turns out, he was actually asked by his friend, a girl, who I have never met before. Therefore, he asked me to accompany him.
At first, I was neglecting to join, but as soon as he told me that he's going to pay, so, I said okay.

Maturity of Mind

"Am I Not Matured Enough?"
That's the status a friend of mine in Facebook.
A friend, who used to be my classmate, when I was in UTM.
A friend, who "postponed" our graduation together.
A friend, who shared our memories together.

I kind of get the idea. [source]
Then, it made me thinking.
Am I matured enough?
After a series of thought provoking inner-self.
I'm pretty sure, I am still not mature.
Even though, my friend said that I am mature, took into consideration, that I am the eldest.
So, let's see what we could learn about maturity.

Maturity, is an interesting and abstract subject.
It can't be heard and it can't be touch.
But it can be seen through a detail investigation into the person's action and reaction.
It can be seen not through the naked eyes, but through deep listening, we know that he/she is mature.

Maturity, can't be weigh in or measure.
We can't set a standard on maturity scale.
We can't set levels on the progress bar.
But we can define how much they develop, how much they grow up.

Trust Need To Be Earn

Trust. Don't take it for granted. [source]
It's a big word. Really.
It brings lots of definitions.
It brings lots of meanings.

You cannot gain a trust.
It need to be develop.
It need to be earn.

Mutual, I think that's the most appropriate word to define trust.
It must have some connections. There must be some relationships.
You must earn someone else's trust, before they could trust you.
You must gives your trust, before you could obtain their trust.

Lesson #13 ~ Save Some Pennies

I used to have lots of this, but I lost it. [source]
When you go out,
make sure you have some coins with you.
Just in case you want to use a public transport.
Don't just realize at the last minute,
that all you have in your wallet, is a RM50 note.
syaftome ~ my wallet doesn't have that small pocket for coins.

Presentation is not Reading Out Loud

It's not reading.
It's a channel of communication. It's a form of explanation.
My teacher used to say this, "A presentation is a journey."
Yeah, it's so true. It supposed to bring your audience to a journey, which they are involves in.
So, hopefully with this "journey", they'll understanding the message that you are trying to convey.
Try to focus when others speaks. [source]
On the other end, it's about, well, read.
You understands the vocal and characters, and from there, you read. Whether by your heart or out load, you voices out your words.
and that's reading.

Presentation, is not supposed to be that way.
It's supposed to be fun, to the speaker and of course, to the audience.
You see, I've seen this a lot, where the speaker tends to read texts from the screen throughout the presentation.
Once they do that, they tends to lose eye contact.
They tends to lose the audience.
They tends to lose the attention.

Good ICT Security Practice

Mdm Haslinda ~ ICT Policies...bla...bla...bla
I'm sure that you uses computer all the time.
I'm sure that you surf the internet 24-7.
But do you have what it takes to secure your information.
Do you back up your data and takes whatever actions necessary, to secure yourself from the internet threats.
Here are some things that you should do (some lessons that I have learned today);

1. Use a strong password
For some, they just want to use a simple password, so that they could remember them easily. This isn't a good practice at all. I know, that for some, even myself, uses multiple passwords for multiple accounts. Facebook, twitter, email, Youtube, Google and blogs. I used multiple passwords for them. But that doesn't let my guard down in using a simple password. The best practices in creating a password, is to have numbers, lower case, upper case, signs and symbols. For advance users, they might change passwords every three months. Another note, don't use significant names or numbers as your password. For example, your name or your IC number.

2. Back up your data
Data is the most important thing for any organization and I'm sure it is important to you too. So, if you don't it to get lost due to some virus, malware or worms, back up your data to any other remote computer. Just to be safe.

Change is Inevitable

I believe, everyone wants to change. [source]
Some would say, "Change is Good".
But some, rather say, "Change is Bad".
The truth is, Change is a Must.
In fact, change is nature.
Change is absolute.
Change is unavoidable.
and Change is Inevitable.

In our whole life, we changes all the time.
We changed for the better or for worst.
Inevitably, we changed physically, emotionally and mentally.

Lesson #12 ~ Check Your Time

How I wish to see this face every morning. :) [source]
 After you wakes up every morning,
check your time with focus.
Make sure the time is correct,
before you decides to go to work or not.
Just in case, you wakes up noticing that the time is 10.00am,
where in fact, its just 8.00am.

Pāto 19 ~ You Would Not Know If You Don't Try

Work till late in the evening.
Waiting for the certificates to come.
The certificates was meant for contingents, who participated in the parade this morning.

They supposed to come at 4.00pm, but then they postponed it to 6.00pm.
My colleagues and I accepted the deal. We waited and keep on waiting.
At last, the provider arrived around 8.00pm, brought along those certificates.
My Hot Tickets

Damn it. I supposed to go to KFC Choice Supermall, to claim my "chickens".
Remember when I mentioned about Hot Ticket that I bought during "Jom Heboh" three weeks ago, one of their "reward" is that, I could claim 4 pieces of chicken with 2xRM10 and 1xRM15 Hot Tickets. So, I got 4 pieces for free.
But the thing is just, the Hot Ticket is only valid till 15 October 2010. That means, it was yesterday.
By hook or by crook, I needed to claim my chickens yesterday. I told myself, "I need to get the job done by 9.00pm, if I want to get my chickens." Smiling.
However, I was working late, due to some unexpected news.
We finished our job around 9.30 pm. Damn.

Blind Date and Interview

Last night, after work. Browsing through my mail.
Found interesting job opportunities through
Made me thinking.
Am I capable to attend the interview session.
Am I brave enough to face the interviewers.
Am I confident enough to walk through that door.
Dilemma, I have to attend interviews. Damn.
Aaahhh~it made me realized, it's just like a blind date, once I had before.

Believe it or not, Blind Dates and Interviews have the same criteria.
The mystery. The anxiety. The preparation and not to forget, the Q&A session.

Be prepared for the unexpected. [source]
Clearly, a date and interview are two separate things for that matter.
Two separate things, which have lots in common.
A date involves love and relationship. Interview relates to career and path of life.
However, those two leads to the same goal, a better future.

Honestly, I'm so freak out about interviews. The reason, I'm not confident enough.
Ask me to present anything or give a talk on something.
I can, I know that I could do it, and I'll be confident. But not in interviews.
I'm sure that I'm pretty good in communication, but not in answering.
Answering questions, which I don't have the answers.
I guess, I'm terrified of not knowing.

Lesson #11 ~ Reverse a Car

Make sure to check your rear mirror too. [source]
 Reduce the speaker's volume before you reverse.
If you don't want to hit someone else's car.

Pāto 18 ~ Got Mad without Knowing The Truth

Wow! Even with ten lanes, traffic jam still happens. [source]
Two weeks ago. Monday. Early morning.
I suddenly woke up. Because someone had knocked my door. I usually lock my door when I go to sleep.
Soon, I realized that it was raining heavily. That means my brothers need my help.
Usually, when I am too tired to send them to school, I just let them use my bike to go to school. While I use a car to go to work.
But since it was raining, I couldn't let them go to school by bike. It was dangerous and I couldn't trust my brother to ride a bike in rain. Because, he just got his license earlier this year.

Rushing. It was already 6.30am in the morning.
I need to hurry. "If I'm late, I will get myself caught in a traffic jam." Thats what I had thought.
You know how it goes, when it's raining. We tend to get caught in a traffic congestion.
To make matters worse, a traffic jam always happens at Jalan Sultan Tengah, where my brothers school at.
So, I need to rush.

Delete Your Contacts

Check your phone.
Is there any number that you don't call regularly?
Is there any number that shouldn't have been there?
Is there any number that you will never call again?

I'm sure you have some because I know I do.
I know that I won't use it again, but I just kept it inside my phone.
Well, it seems like an easy thing to do, but it's not.
It's not that easy to push that "delete" button.
It's hard to push that delete button, isn't it? [source]
To tell the truth, I still have tons of number that I don't call regularly inside my phone.
I even have my ex-GF number inside my phone memories.
Even though, she doesn't use that number again.
But still, I kept it inside. Just to remind myself of her. Remind myself, of who have I become.
Remind myself about a mistake, that I shouldn't have done. So that, I won't repeat it again in the future.

Deleting your contact, isn't just about deleting a number. It's like you're deleting a part of your life.
It's like you're trying to forget all those memories, all those experiences that you had gained.
It's like you're trying to ignore the past and admitting that they're gone forever.
It's like it's never been there. But the truth is, it's always there.

Those numbers, it's not just a number.
It reminds you about the past. It shows you, what you have become.
It displays the transformation of you. From there, you know that those contacts played some roles in you.
They might have given you advise. They might have help you, when you were in trouble.
That's why, its not just some number.

You don't call them regularly. You don't use those numbers all the times.
But, you might want to call them sometimes.
Just to reminisce about the past. About those memories that you shared together. About those experiences that you gained together.
You might think that the past doesn't matter, but deep inside you, you knew that it is important and it plays a big role in your life.
syaftome ~ you can't delete a contact inside your head

Tips: Quit Smoking

"It's impossible to stop smoking. It ain't easy." My father said this when we were talking on the issue of smoking. I used to hear that when I was a little boy, but still, until today, he smoke. So, you could say that he is quite a hardcore smoker.
Yikes...Don't stare too much. [source]
It's impossible. Nah, I don't think so. How do you know that its impossible if you don't even try? How do you know its impossible, if you don't do anything, if you don't try any method, if you don't have the will to stop? I'm sure some of you would say, "It's easy for you to say." Yeah, it's easy, but I know it is not difficult. It is not impossible.
So, let's see some of the things(tips) that you could do to stop smoking;
  • Learn about the dangers of smoking.
  • Announce your decision to quit smoking to everybody you know.
  • Get rid of every item that has any connection with cigarettes like ash trays, lighters, etc.
  • Drink lots of water, this will help you to flush away the toxins in your body.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce your addiction to nicotine.
  • Adopt an active lifestyle, sport activities would help to facilitate blood circulation to your entire body. Exercise can help to regulate body temperature and proper functioning of your organs. Exercising is good for you.
  • Avoid places where smoking is common, eg. night clubs, karaoke centers and bars.
  • Refuse any cigarette offer. Try to stop smoking completely, otherwise this would hamper your effort to quit and you may be inclined to smoke again.

Love is Not Always Easy

“John Doe” (clearly, not a real name) is now single.
Last week, a friend of mine changed his relationship status, in Facebook.
People who cares about him, asked lots of questions.

Silence. No answer.
We couldn’t get any response.
The questions were never answered.

To tell the truth, I was shocked.
A break up always a heartbreaker. [source]
I was just met him and his girlfriend a few weeks ago, on the first week of Raya.
When we were still in the anxiety mood of Syawal.
I saw they were very happy. Silly jokes here and there.
They were no sign of quarrelling.
They were no sign of unhappiness.
They were no sign of intense relationship.
They were no sign of anything towards a break up.
But suddenly, they broke up, that’s what I thought, since he changed his relationship status.
From “in a relationship” changed to “single”.
Even Syawal is not over yet. But their relationship is now over.

Lesson #10 ~ Check The Door

Weee...they are cute, aren't they? [source]
 Check the door sign before you go.
"Please Don't Disturb"
"Please Make Up My Room"
clearly has different meanings. 

Tips: Remember a Name

Have you ever been in a situation, where you can't remember a person's name?
You think that you met him/her before, but you can't recall their names?
Well, I've been experiencing this situation for many times before.
It's frustrating, you know, when you can't remember their names.
I believe, people do like it, when you know their names after your first meet.
Don't worry, its natural. [source]
As for me, to be honest, most of the times, I don't remember people's names. Their faces, yeah, but their names, not a clue.
In life, being here and there, travels around, I believe, we meet new people all the times.
So, I think, it's not unusual, if people forget who you are or if you forget who they are.
We get confuse, because, sometimes, we can't relate their names with their faces.
Let's face it, we easily get confuse if you happens to know different people with the same name.
So, to be safe, for me, what I usually do is, to act natural.
Pretend that you know them, talking, listening, and laughing together, but in fact, you forgot who they are. Haha...
In my case, usually, I do know them, I do, but its just that I couldn't remember where we have met.
I guess, it's easier to visualize than to memorize. Don't you think?

Beauty is Nothing

It's nothing. Really. Yeah.
But everyone loves a beauty. Why?
Coz beauty is perfection. Beauty is everything. Beauty decides a standard.
And beauty decides a relationship. Relationship. First time I use that word. If you notice.
Hmmm~~but most of these definitions of beauty is just superficial, which will not last.
It won't last, that's for sure. [source]

Have You Seen A Mirror Lately?

It doesn't have to come to this. [source]
The only emotion that I could describe.
Every time I was in this kind of situation.

How do you feel?
If someone keeps on telling you what to do?
If someone tells you to do something that he/she never does?

"You should clear your desk before you go."
"You should clear the machines after you use it."
"You should flush, before you go."
"Wash your own cup","Please, come early, Don't be late", bla, bla, bla, bla...

I believe, some of you might have experienced this kind of situation.
Me too. A lot. And of course, it made me angry. Just inside. But I keep it cool.

"Just shut up!!!", if only I could say that out loud.
But no, I'm not that kind of person. I prefer to take it easy.
Deep inside, I still believe that they could change.

However, at the same time, my heart burst into anger. But, I keeps on smiling. Inside.
"Have you seen a mirror lately?"
"Have you done all those things?"
Do it first, before you say anything, just to annoy others.
Don't just give instructions, unless you have done it.
Reflect on yourself. Know your place. Mind your own business.

Don't forget to try the silent treatment. [source]
The best solution.
I've been into this situation for many times already.
I learned that if you keeps on silence and smiling, your misery won't last long.
In fact, it will annoy the other person.
I know, sometimes, I was wrong, and I could admit it that some other people angry.
But the silent treatment works well too in that kind of situation.

syaftome ~ what do people keeps on telling you?

Pāto 17 ~ A brand new start

It's a brand new month.
I wonder what does it has for me?
For certain, there are three things.
It's the month of my birthday. Soon, I'll be 24 years old.
Next week, I'll be going to Mukah, for Sejiwa Senada Exhibition.
A week after that, its the celebration of TYT birthday. Almost the same time with my birthday.
In fact, it is the same date with my course-mate friend's birthday. A friend, who is now married with a lovely lady, and the first person that I met, when I was studying in UTM.

Hmmm~how about today?
Nothing much, except that in the afternoon, I was working for the "Launching of Language Month". An event that was organized by "Institute of Language and Literature, DBP".
CM was supposed to be there, but he couldn't. As soon as I noticed there was no red carpet, I knew that he wasn't coming.
Supposed to start at 2.30pm but the arrival of the representative was late.
Sigh~~ This is always happening. But, he is the guest of honour. What else to do, except to wait.
The official logo, I believe. [source]

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