Lesson #26 ~ Always Backup

Create a backup for all important documents,
Inside your computer.
Don't just save into your pendrive.
In case anything happens to it,
And your boss suddenly wants you to do a presentation,
At least you have backup.

syaftome ~ left his pendrive at home
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Lesson #25 ~ Check Your Wallet

Before you order something,
Check your wallet.
Make sure you have some money with you.
Don't get shock whenever you want to pay,
You are penniless.
And you'll embarass yourself in front of the cashier.

syaftome - luckily I wasn't planning to eat in.

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Lesson #24 ~ Check For Logo

Whenever we use an electrical products,
Make sure there is a SIRIM logo.
Don't just plugs in the device,
without knowing that crucial info.
Otherwise, you'll get a wire tripped,
and the whole floor goes black.
And for sure,
You are the one to be blame.

syaftome ~ luckily no one was busy typing important documents

Pāto 32 ~ It's Been A Year...

Since the first day I walked through that door. My life totally changes.
I began to question myself. About the purpose of being alive.
I began to ask myself. Is it a place where I want to be?
And I began to look within myself, to figure out my final destination.

I could still remember that day.
It was raining on that morning.
I was soaked wet when I was reporting duty.
But I managed to warm myself before hand before I met our Chief Assistant Director(KPP).
And so, we talked, we chatted and we got to know each other.
At the time, I was thinking he was a serious type of guy, but later I figured, he is nothing like what I had imagined.

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