Pāto 16 ~ Packed with stories

Fuhhh ~ what a day. Done a lot of things. For work, of course.

Arrived late at office. Signed attendance as usual.
A colleague friend of mine asked for help to glue the table tag for BIMP-EAGA(BIMP: Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippine.) Gala Dinner. Unfortunately, I am not working for the event.

10.30am. The job was done. Next, doing nothing, except surfing the internet to find a way to put a little entertainment into this blog (music with lyrics), but no solution could be found. Perhaps later, I'll continue.

 I planned to go to Wisma Hopoh at noon. Too busy downloading music, the time passes.
15 minutes past 12.00. Went out to Hopoh early, to avoid traffic jam.
On the way, passed SK Encik Buyong. Students just finished their session of the day.
Drive slowly, to avoid unnecessary accidents, of course.

The Process, not The Result

Today, as I was presenting an important report to my BB. I learned a very good lesson. What he said is very true. In a report, the results is just a figure. Nothing else. What matters, is the process towards achieving the results.

For example, in a football match. Our aim is to get as much goal that we could score. However, in order to score a goal, a strategy is a must. This is the part, where the coach or the manager plays his/her role. He(most of them were guys) must plan a strategy in order to score a goal. He must equip the players with a proper training. He must ensure that the players could endure physical stress and he must know what would be the best position that the player could play. In fact, he must know everything. With all of those information, he could use them to set a formation and use the players to the best of their abilities. Then, we'll just need to find out whether the strategy is working or not.
Playing chess also need a strategy. [source]
In real life, in whatever institution, a plan is essential. That's why every organization have a Vision and Mission. And for some, they included their objectives. For us, we have our shared values, which we use in our routine work. If Vision and Mission became our pillar, these shared values is our weapon of strength. We uses it to strengthen our bond in doing our job. That's why "An Organization Like No Other", our motto, is not far from reach because we know, our strategy, our process is smoothly moving towards that one goal.

Foot Note: there is no end to Key Focus Area (KFA) misery
syaftome ~ do I have a strategy in life?

Lesson #9 ~ Discussion is Important

I don't want to see his face like this. [source]
 Discuss with your supervisor,
Before you present to the big boss.
Unless you want to get the boss angry.

Lesson #8 ~ Before Presentation

Don't let others take a picture of you while you are sleeping.
 Before you plugs in your laptop to the projector 
for a presentation,
Make sure there is nothing embarrassing 
is display on the screen.

Pāto 15 ~ "Jom Heboh", Why Not?

Aaahhh...To be honest, I was kind of looking forward to this TV3 festival. The last time I went to this festival, as I could remember, was seven years ago, in 2003.

At the time, this festival was held at Padang Merdeka (Merdeka Field). I believe that was the one and only time this festival was held there. I think the reason why, the government doesn't want to use that place, maybe because they want to keep the place in shape. You know how it goes with this kind of festival. With booth and the stage set up there, of course it will destroy the beauty of nature landscape(because of lack of water supply and no sunlight). To dig deeper, it will make the place dirty and messy, with all those garbage with no source of dustbins. Not to mention, the traffic congestion caused by the visitors.

So, yesterday, at night, I went to this festival with my brother. It was held at car-park of the Old Stadium. I was shocked. I couldn't imagine that there were so many people went there. Perhaps, thousands of people was there. I think it was true when a high rank officer of Media Prima told us before in a conference, that there were about 500 thousands of visitors came to Jom Heboh in just two days. Well, after riding through the traffic for about 10 minutes, I parked my bike at the New Stadium. It took us about 5 minutes walk to get us to the location of the festival. Some of the visitors, even parked their car that took them about 10 minutes walk.
Is it worth it to go to such festival? Think before you answer.

If Only Our Mind Is Like Computers

If only our mind is like a computer. I believe our life would be so much better. Really. Let's see.

If only our mind is like a computer, where it's all about hardware and software, we could program it with whatever information. You name it. If you likes to cook, with a click of a button, you will be able to learn thousands of recipes. If you love to dance, with a click of a button, you will be able to learn all types of dance moves. If you think that you could sing very well, with a click of a button, you could do nothing. Heeee... Because it all depends on your vocal. Unless, you change your vocal cord, of course. So, with this advantage, with a click of a button, everything is possible. Who need a class, when you could learn in seconds.

Take Care of Your Own Child

I just watched news on TV3 moments ago. There was this news that really made me think about taking care of a child. It's about a 3 months old child, who died because of suffocating milk. I know, its kind of ridiculous, but it happened.

In my opinion, this should not happened. We all know that a child is fragile. They could easily hurt. Even a fever could lead to death. So, why it happened? It happened because human is easily careless. We, as human, by default, always make mistakes. In this case, the child died because the babysitter (from the child-care center), didn't realize that the child was choking, while she was cooking in the kitchen. After a while, they had sent the child to the hospital, just to realize that she was dead a long time ago.

Pāto 14 ~ The Message of Settlement

Aaahhh...yesterday, I received a message from someone. A message that I wished that I didn't want to receive. It's a message from The Guy, whose car that I scratched. The beginning of this story happened a week ago, the eve of Malaysia Day, 15 September 2010. I will not forget this date.
I just can't imagine how this happened. [Source]

It all started when I was too rush to get to indoor stadium for a full dress rehearsal, which supposed to start at 7.30pm, the time that I was informed. I went out around 7.00pm. My house is not too far from there. It just takes about 15 minutes to go there. However, I was kind of rushing at the time, thinking that I might miss the time for the rehearsal to start. So, when I got myself there, I was looking for a car park and this is how it all began.

Since I was too rushed to get a car park, and get myself ready for the rehearsal, plus the radio volume was too loud, accidentally, I scratched another car.

Pāto 13 ~ Honestly...

Thanks to beautifulhani for this. Thanks for tagging me earlier. However, I'm sorry, cause it took some time to answer these questions. But those are great questions that need to be answer. And it made me think. Think and flashback on some great moments of my life, and it made me reflects back on what I have done. So, thank you once again. Here, to answer your questions.

Be Honest in Your Life!!!

Honestly, what would be the happiest moment of your life last year?  
Last year, its easy, I finally graduated from the course that I took years ago. After 4 and a half year, I finally finished it with a second upper class. Not bad, I think. My studies weren't so great, and the exams weren't so difficult but unfortunately, the final year project (FYP) hold me down for a semester alongside with some of my course-mate friends. Nevermind, at least, I graduated. That's the MOST important thing.

Pāto 12 ~ Ease The Pain

A month ago, working as a volunteer, I was quite suffered from stress. My nights was overflow with office work. My weekends was nothing. Full of agenda and unfinished business, where I need to finish my designs. I couldn't sleep peacefully.
I was the only guy, who setups the computer/projector for meetings. I was the only guy, who prepares the meeting agenda. I was the guy, who used to work as a clicker during meetings. I was the guy, who designs pamphlet, background and etc, which used Adobe Photoshop. In fact, I was the only guy, who works in the office, as a volunteer.

Lesson #7 ~ Save Phone Number

Don't save your money at home as well...
Don't save phone numbers into the hand phone memory.
Anything happens to the phone, you can't retrieve the numbers. 

Pāto 11 ~ My "Malaysia Day" Story

Malaysia Day.
A day to remember the formation of Malaysia on 16th September 1963. That means its been 47 years by now. Almost half a century. But, the history brought us deeper to its true meaning.
It's about unity, not just between Malaya+Singapore+Sarawak+Sabah, but its also about the acceptance of a multiracial country, a country with different forms of understanding and religions. A different work of life with various personal backgrounds.

Lesson #6 ~ Flat Battery

Charge your phone before you go out.
 Don't Go Out with a Flat Handphone Battery.
People can't contact you, and you can't contact them.
In the end, believe me, you'll realize that you are just making a HUGE mistake. 

Lesson #5 ~ Group Visit

Plan or Planless?
 If you celebrate Raya in a group,
Don't visit to your group member's house.
Otherwise, you are just wasting time,
talking with the same people throughout your journey.
Instead, visit other friends' or relatives' of the group.
Meet new people.

Pāto 10 ~ Don't Plan, Just Go

If you go to a motivation course, or any course for that matter, the speaker usually say "If you Fail to Plan, then you Plan to Fail", but sometimes, No Plan is actually a Good Plan. A GREAT plan actually
Towards the end of Ramadhan, I began to plan visits to few of my friend and relative. But in the end, everything wasn't according to plan. The short amount of time that I had wasn't enough. I couldn't focus. My mind was wondering. I wondered about the next place I should go to according to my list. Later, I realized, I didn't bring along the list. Sad. We could just plan, but the end result, isn't something absolute.

Nike Logo: Such Powerful Motto
Celebrating Raya. The Plan isn't going to work. Believe me.You want to visit others, but they also wants to visit others. So, how is this going to work. No, it isn't. The solution. The solution is "Just Do It". In my case, my friend and I did a lot of surprise visits to some of our friend's house. If they are at home, then, we are lucky. If not, there will be next time. The time is always there, but we, as human, must know where to go and use our time effectively. So, its just a matter of having fun while visiting your friends and relatives. Even though, you are just wasting your time and money if someone, who would like you to meet isn't at home. But, at least, you are having fun while you're at it. As for me, yeah, I was having fun. A lot.

The rational behind "this plan". If you plan to visit your friend, where you had called them ahead of your plan, that means, you are going to their house. If you go to their homes, that's good. But if not, first, you are just wasting their time. They have to wait, since you said that you ARE coming, even though they have plans to go somewhere else. Second, you will absolutely feels guilty. Deep inside, your guts keep on telling you that you had done something wrong. You couldn't fulfill your promise. That's for sure.

To summarize, Just Go and Don't Plan. If you're lucky, then you are lucky. If you're not, maybe some other time. Their houses won't move anywhere on their own. So, don't worry and while you're at it, try to have fun.

Nine Eleven

September 11th, 2001. Its been 9 years. I was still in school at the time. But I still remember it till this day.
We were shocked with the unexpected attacks from Al-Qaeda. According to the news. The world was focused to the West. Everything came to a halt. The time moved slowly.

A part of September, 11th Memorial

Pāto 9 ~ Just do It

Fuhhh...just got back from visiting my friend's houses. Actually, I didn't plan to visit them on the first day Raya, but you could say that I'm quite desperate. I just have three days for Raya and on Monday, I'll continue working in the office in order to prepare for Malaysia Day on 16th September 2010, Thursday, the 7th day of Raya.

Respect the elder, and love the youngster
Three days of Raya, to be honest, is not enough for me to visit all of them. At first, I was thinking that I just want to stay at home since we have a gathering with all family members and relatives. However, at noon, before the Jumaat prayer, I changed my mind. Instead of staying at home, it's better for me to visit my friends while I can. Regarding my relatives, I think that I could meet them later but not today. It's better to visit them with the rest of my family.

Its Raya ~ Let's Celebrate

Congratulations to all. I believed that all of you had passed all the temptations during fasting month. The temptations of eating and drinking. The temptations of doing bad to others too. I'm not sure about myself. Hopefully, I haven't done all that during Ramadhan and I'll try to continue to do the same to the rest of my life. I hope, you guys will do the same.

Last night, I watched the Raya Message given by our Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak. In the first few paragraph, he said;
"We, as Malaysians, should be grateful, especially during this Raya Celebration, because we could celebrate Raya in peace and harmony with no major disaster, unlike other Muslims throughout the world."
That was what I could grab and translate into this post, since it was given in Malay and I couldn't find the video yet at this time. However, the key point here is that, we should be grateful. In my opinion, it was a very powerful sentence and it is true.

Lesson #4 ~ Car Wash

Don't wash your car at night,
because you can't see the dirty spot.

Lesson #3 ~ Fail to Plan

Are you this type of person?
Last minute shopping spree,
Have its own risk factors.
Sales with big discounts but...
No size and Ugly Colors.

Pāto 8 ~ Home or Alone

Is this gonna work?
Now, we are coming towards the end of holy month of Ramadhan. Then, we’ll celebrate Raya, the peak of fasting month, in accordance to the successful of patiently facing the month of Ramadhan. Soon after that, we'll proceed with our life routine, work and having fun with no boundaries. The world will once again face the reality of human nature, our nature of living with no law and restrictions; bound to no one. I guess I’ll have to wait for another year for Ramadhan to come, to be able to see the true calmness flow-of-the-world with no worries. I wonder if I still have the time to do it next year. Insya' Allah.

This year, it is kind of special to me, because I haven’t had fast break with my family for 5 years, since my first year in college, in not-so-rural-area, Skudai, Johor. And the last time I had my Raya Celebration was three years ago, that was only because my father mistakenly had booked a flight ticket for me.

Fasting and celebrating Raya at home and college is a big difference, because;
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