Pāto 26 ~ What Happened in 2010?

Year 2010.
It's a unique year for me.
It brought me to a new chapter of my life.
It brings a whole new level to the game.
The game of life.
The life of my new career.
The life of my new directions.

To me, 2010 is an awesome year.
It marked the starting point of my career.
Because, this is the time, where my life actually begins.
This is the time, where the reality kicks in.
Brought me challenges and trying to push me down.
And this is the time, where I know the harsh world of living.
Where everything is unfair, where everyone is selfish and cruel.
To summarize, this is the time, where I know about life.

Write A Journal!!!

It's the end of the year of 2010.
It will be the end of the first decade of 21st century.
People say that the end is a new beginning.
This is so true for me right now.
Next year, I'll be 25 years old.
An age where I think I need to be serious. About life.
Twenty-five. A quarter of a century. [source]

Why so serious? People ask.
Yeah, there are times when we could laugh, be happy go lucky.
And there are times when we need to be serious.
Serious about the future and serious about life.
If we don't do anything and nothing will happen.
It's easy and simple. It's just a law of nature.
And so, this is the time, I need to change.

Making new resolutions was never an agenda in my life.
Seriously, I've never made any single objective of life.
Well, maybe there are some, but I can't remember.
Or maybe, I don't want to remember.
Thus, I think it's really important to do this.
Carve my goals and objectives into this kind-of a journal.
Something that is tangible and visible.
For me to look into by the end of next year. Year 2011.
Happy New Year. [source]
Why so? Again, people wonder.
Writing them into a journal is a must.
A mistake we'll always do.
We never write this kind of thing, into a journal.
So, we'll forget, and never seems to remember them.
And by the time we remember, which is the end of next year.
We'll notice that nothing changes. Nothing transforms.
The upcoming year, we'll list out the same to-do list.
But, we'll found out we lost the list.
Because, we don't write them.
Into some place that's easy to go back to.
A place that we refer back to, to remind  us of our own motives.
To remind us, why we start the journal in the first place.

Another reason for writing, in a journal, is this.
We can share them with others.
"Sharing is Caring", isn't that what people says. All the time.
Well, this concept could be use in the process of transformation.
To let people know. To let people notice.
And so, who knows? There might be other people like you too out there.
Those who have the same ambitions, goals and objectives.
Thus, we can work it out together, or perhaps in a team.
After all, we all want a change because we know that we need to change.
Take a pen and just write. Over coffee.  [source]

However, there are also people who likes to keep it a secret.
Bury them deeply into their mind computers. Sealed shut with no open access.
Well, we can't blame them. Because writing a journal has also it's drawbacks.
Because in order to start making changes, we need to know where we stands.
Our current situation, by figuring out our problems and admitting mistakes.
Thus, this is the reason why. They don't want people to know their weaknesses.
Because once people knew, people will commit judgments and give criticisms.
Affecting their resolutions and causes low self-esteem.
In the end, there is no change. And no transformation. And no improvements.

Here, we could see that, in order to change, into something better;
Writing a journal is compulsary. Whether its for public or personal use.
Because no matter how classified the document is.
What matters the most is the document itself.
The message it carries to the future self.
To evaluate the performance of the executor.
To see the change from the present till the future.

syaftome ~ just started his own journal of life

Lesson #21 ~ Switch Off The Engine

When the workers fill in the fuel for you, use the side mirror to check that it's clear.[source]
When you refill the fuel,
at any gas station.
Switch off the engine.
Make sure everything is clear.
Before you go.
Don't just drive away,
With the nozzle still stuck at your car,
Filling in the gas tank.

syaftome ~ Thank GOD, nothing happens.

Lesson #20 ~ Watch Where You Go

I can't bear to watch. Ha. Ha. Ha. [source]
 Before you get into a cinema hall,
Check your ticket carefully.
Don't just rushed into a hall and sit.
You'll just embarrass yourself.

syaftome ~ watch silently from behind

Things We Don't Talk

There are things we don't talk about.
There are stuff we don't tell others.
And there are secrets we don't like to go public.

Secrets must be kept sealed in our mind. [source]
Well, everybody has secrets. Who doesn't?
And it’s their story to tell. Not us.
Even though we know their secrets.
Because why?
Because it’s none of our business.
So, let them talk. Give them the privilege to tell.

Three Stages of Learning

In the process of learning, basically, we'll go through three stages. In every education system, to require useful information and knowledge, we can't outrun these three stages. And we are not supposed to skip the steps. Jump through to the final stage, will lead us right through to failures. And worst, we got nothing out of it.
Human stages of growth. [source]
So, here are the three stages of learning;
Stage 1: Exposure
When we come across some sort of new knowledge, in order to require new skills, first of all, we need exposure. We need to know what we are being exposed to. We need to know the terms, definitions and formula that might be useful afterward. Without knowing this, the basics, it would be hard for us to understand the mechanism, the advanced algorithm, the explanation, which relies on them.

Problems Is Knowledge

What is a Problem?
A problem is a deviation from an acceptable performance. A gap between what is currently happening and what is supposed to be happening. People doesn't like problems; because problems create uncomfortable situations. It creates unhappiness, build up stress and sometimes it stirs emotion. To sum up, it develops negative effect, to us. And that's why, people doesn't like problems.
A problem could only become a problem if we let it. [source]
However, if we see it in a positive perspective.
Problems do have their own benefit.
Believe it or not. It does.

Everything Needs Money

BUT, Money Isn't Everything.
If there are people out there who thought money is an ultimate solution. To every problem and challenges. They’re absolutely wrong and they're absolutely knows nothing about life. Because, the more we try to admit that money is everything, the more we finds that everything can't be solve with money.

However, we can't deny that money is not solution. It's one of the solutions. Its one of the option because there are times, where money is very useful. And at other times, the solution seems so promising with the aid of money, but the truth is, it doesn't last long. Money is just an immediate alternative to incurable diseases, when hopes and faith are the only things that are left.
There is No True Happiness with a pile of money. [source]
So, why Money Isn't Everything;
1. Money can't buy true love.
While there are people who have lots of money, they could buy anything for their loved ones. Gives them gifts and presents. Spoiled them unnecessarily. But, no matter how much we spend to express our affectionate to others through expensive objects and materials, we can't expect the same from them. Because love does not function that way. Love and relationship develops when people trust each other. Spend time together. When there is a sense of belonging. Unless we have these criteria, money means nothing.

Lesson #19 ~ Go Early

 If you want to go anywhere,
where time is crucial.
"Go Early"
Don't rush at last minute,
where you'll find out something unexpected might happens.
Flat tire, for example.
Luckily, I know how to change tire. [source]

syaftome ~ oh dentist!!!

Streamyx VS BroadBand

Streamyx and BroadBand.
Same objective, provides internet, however, differs in so many ways.

1. Connectivity
Streamyx, requires a telephone line to function (WIRED). BroadBand; doesn't have to (WIRELESS). It works using Plug & Play (PnP) function. Just install the driver; and it'll work. Streamyx also go through the same process, but it requires much more detail procedure. Which is easy and simple; where the manual are provided.

The latest Streamyx Promotions. [source]

Lesson #18 ~ Flight Ticket

Self check-in counter/kiosk. Launched in June 2010 at KIA. [source]
 Check your flight ticket carefully.
Don't mess up between 
flight time and flight number.
Unless you want to get left behind.
With no money to buy a new ticket.

syaftome ~ really need to learn how to read numbers.

50 Bloggers Wanted II

Today. December 19th 2010. Sunday.
An application to join this particular blog called 100penulis.
Not to join as editors. But to get enlisted into their blogroll.

Alert. It's a multi-racial, multi-language blog. I believed.
So, check it out. But I'm sure, those who read this entry, most of them knew about them.
I managed to "reach" this blog a long time ago, while I was blogwalking.
But then, I knew about this "vacancy" when I read about it, from FnF.
When he wrote, an entry, kind of what I'm writing right now.
I guess, thanks to him. I was encouraged to join, to write this. :)

The Concept of Murphy's Law

"If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will Go Wrong"
Murphy's Law
The first time, I heard about this. It sounds ridiculous.
It sounds funny, because I have no idea what it's all about.
But later, it kept coming back to me.
It feels like karma. Every time something goes wrong, to myself; I remembered this law.
And finally, I know it's true and it’s the real deal.

If You Think Everything Will Be Perfect. Think Again. [source]

Facts: Ten Things About PEOPLE

Here are something, I'd like to share, which I think are all true...

1. People are insecure...Give them confidence

2. People like to feel special...Sincerely compliment them

3. People look for a better tomorrow...Show them hope

4. People need to be understood...Listen to them

5. People lack direction...Navigate for them

6. People are selfish...Speak to their needs first

7. People get emotionally low...Encourage them

8. People want to be associated with success...Help them win

9. People desire meaningful relationships...Provide community

10. People seek models to follow...Be an example

The Choice is Yours, John C. Maxwell

syaftome ~ People are fragile...Provide them support

Facts: Malaysian Shoppers

Here are some interesting snippets about Malaysian shopper:

1.   More than half of Malaysians fall into two groups: (1) The engaged info seekers, read as voracious catalogue readers, and (2) The passive value fans - shoppers who love and expect discounts.
Including two other groups of Malaysian Shoppers. [source]

2.   Malaysians spend, on average, 64 minutes in a hypermarket and two-third of this time to browse and compare products.

3.   More  than 90 per cent of shoppers look out for information to help them to decide.

4.   Two-third of final choices are made in-store. Most claim they follow a list but in truth, they don't.

5.   Sixty per cent of shoppers do not pre-plan what they want to buy before they entering the store.

6.   Malaysian shoppers spend more time in hypermarkets than they do eating lunch. They spend an average of 27 minutes in pharmacies and 22 minutes in provision stores.

7.   Malaysians read the catalogues more than they read books.

8.   Malaysians love to shop but they would rather do it alone.

9.   At the health and beauty sections, brand-switching is less likely to happen and Malaysian shoppers think these are the easiest place to navigate.

10. Malaysians think shopping in hypermarkets is monotonous, possibly because they are so many malls with the same layout, offering roughly the same products.

Page 2, Life & Times,
Show Biz on Friday
New Straits Times

syaftome ~ catalogues rather than books, guess that's true

Status Is Just Made Of Words

Social Network. It’s not just a trend nowadays.
It's a necessity. It’s a necessary.
To keep in touch of your friends.
To let people know what you're doing.
With regular updates on your status
Life in general or relationship in particular.

And the network that I've been using is Facebook.com.
Which I am very fond of.
Not just because of its innovative idea on how we communicate.
But also due to the flexibility of how we do things.
Online. Virtually. In a social network.
Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook.
In fact, last night, I watched Social Network.
A story of how he founded Facebook.com.
Mark Zuckerberg. The Youngest Billionaire to date, at the age of 23. [source]

Keep Your Eyes Open

No Connection. No Selection.
No Connection. No Promotion.
This is what currently happening.
It's the true nature of our society.
It's a situation that we could never annihilate.
Completely. Holistically.

In order to get a job, we need "cables".
To get higher chance of a promotion, there must be bigger "network".
That's the way, how things are done.
In the competition of getting jobs.
In the hypocrisy world on getting promotions.
Even, in the political world of back-stabbing and two-face nature.
This is happening.
A Social Network is Important, But Sometimes, It can Become a Liability. [source]

Early Marriage at Young Age

Yesterday. Berita Harian. I think.
The issue. A young couple married.
The girl. Is just 14 years old.
The guy. 23 years old.
Almost 10 years apart.

Not much of an issue. In my opinion.
But when certain minister gives a comment.
It does make me wanted to say, "What's wrong?"
What's wrong with a young girl married to a nice guy, who works?
Obviously, he works, as a teacher. Otherwise, how can he support her wife?
The young couple is in here somewhere. [source]

Tips: Easiest Way To Learn English

So, here is the thing.
All this time, I've been hearing people complaints.
Giving excuses actually.

"I can't speak English very well"
"My English is not good"
"My weakness is English"
Globalization has provides us with the virtual world of online. So, use it. [source]
From the way I look at it, this is a problem.
I know, for some, they thought English is not important.
But to survive, in this harsh and competitive world.
English is the core to success.

Admitting the problem is just part of the equation.
But what we need is the next step.
A step forward, which will lead us to the solution.
So, let's see the easiest and simplest way to learn English:

1. Watch TV
You all watch TV right. Who doesn't? Nowadays, I believe, all TV stations have translations, at the bottom. So, start learning from there. Don't just "watch" those TVs. Focuses on the storyline. But, watch and learn. Learn on how to translate the sentences. Learn on how to translate Malay words into English, and vice-versa.

"Don't Judge A Book by It's Cover"

The answer is NO. [source]
I believe, we all have heard about this. All the time.
But, do we really know what it really means.

So, let's take a look at this book.
The cover might look smudgy and dusty.
Some of them may seem so easy and simple.
But what's important is the inside.
The content, the information that it brings.
So, literally, what it means;
Don't judge something based only on its appearance.
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