Lesson #17 ~ Where Are You?

My car keys is almost like this one. :)
 Always kept your car keys inside your pocket.
Don't put it on the floor, when you start to pray.
Even if you did, make sure to get it.
Before you leave the spot.
syaftome ~ did the same mistake, a while back, when he was younger and naive

Pāto 25 ~ Work, Study and Time

Time Always Moves. We Can't Outrun It. [source]
Everyone has 24 hours per day.
Everybody has 7 days per week.
But why? Why does it seems not enough?
Where did I do something wrong?

Let me see.
Interview & Presentation Techniques Course.
It was held for three(3) days straight.
It was tiring and at home, I needed to do preparations for the next day.
By the time I finished, I was tired, and gone to sleep.
Scared, that I won't be able to wake up early.

Apologize ~ It's So Hard and Difficult

"I'm Sorry", "I Apologize, It's My Mistake."
See. It's Simple. Just like that.
Just a few words. That we need to say. Which we need to do.
When we make mistakes. When we does something wrong.
But the truth is, even it is simple. It's hard. And it's difficult.
Is this going to be enough? [source]
But why? Why is it so difficult? Here is the truth.
Apologizing, isn't only about the words.
You've got to put your heart to it.
And you've got to put your mind to it.
You need to say it like you really mean it.
That you're sorry. That you're admitting your mistakes.
Mistakes, that you know, is your fault.
Even though, sometimes, it's not.

If I Could Change The Past

I won't do it. I don't want to do it.
Some of you might think.
Isn't that great. Being able to change the past.
Change your present and future in the process. And change your destiny.
But, I won't do it. For whatever reason it is.

I admit. There are times when I really want to change the past.
Change the actions that I've made. Correct things that I did wrong.
But, when I think it through. There are reasons for things that happened.
Lessons that I've learned made me matured.
And mistakes that I've made me better. Better as a person, and better as a human.
Without those priceless experiences, I don't think I made it through this far.
DeLorean DMC-12, a well-known time machine from the Back To The Future Trilogy. [source]

Pāto 24 ~ Handphone Tag

1. How many hand-phone do you have?
    Only One. And It'll stay as One.

2. What brand is it?
    Nokia 1280 Grey

3. What function does it have?
    SMS, Radio and Flashlight.

4. What line coverage do you use?
    Maxis, it's been for 5 years now.

5. Do you spend wisely?
    Yeah, sure.

6. How much do you spend on reload per month?
    RM10.00 should be enough.

7. How many messages currently in your Inbox?
    16, I deleted most of them.

8. Who is the most frequent name appears in your Inbox?
    Hmmm...It's hard to tell.

9. When you answer this question, who is the last person that sends you a message?
    It's an update from Facebook, about a "friend" of mine who commented on my status.

10. How do you feels when you read that message?
      Happy, because her comment was funny.

11. When you received a message from an unknown number, what would you reply?
       Nothing, because I don't know them

12. How do you feel when your own friends distribute your hand-phone number?

       Nothing, because it might be necessary.

13. Are you happy when you receive a message from someone?
      Sure. Of course.

14. How fast do you type a message?
      From scale 1 to 10. 1 is slow, and 10 is fast. I'd say 6 or 7.

15. Who is the first person, that calls/message you today?

      No one. Not yet.

16. How frequent do you use "3G"?
      I never use 3G. Because my phone doesn't have 3G.

17. What ring tone do you use?
       In the mood.

18. How about the "message alert"?
      Standard. The old monotones message alert.

19. How much memories does your hand-phone have?
      Not sure, but I'm guessing it's small. It can only save about 100 messages only.

20. Would you like to have a brand new hand-phone?
      Nope. If I bought a new one, that means I'm not spending my money wisely.

21. What is the time you set for alarm?
       I think, it's 6.00 or 6.30 am. I'm not sure.

22. Have you called/message your parents today?
       Nope. Because, we are living in the same house.

23. Name those people, who you want to tag.
       Hmmm...I guess no one, because all them has been tagged.

Satisfaction is Never Enough

Today, my friends and I went to a friend's wedding.
How wonderful there are.
Dressed up as king and queen.
All eyes was looking and every lips was talking. About them.
They looked so beautiful. They looked so good together.

And today, is the day, they starts their lives together.
Living as husband and wife. Take care of each other.
Face the challenges together. Work through the hardships together.
And not too mention, they starts to "see" each other, everyday and everywhere.

Marriage is sacred. So, don't take it lightly. [source]

Lesson #16 ~ Check the Window

This is my car. Isn't it a beaut? [source]
 Before you go,
check your car, check the window.
Make sure it is close.
Before you realize, that you are very lucky,
no one stole your car, with an open window.
That no one take that opportunity.

The Fear Inside Us

A psychological state, an emotional response to a perceived threat.
A threat that may happens or may not happens.
In other words, the fear causes by an uncertain future.
Our heart starts to pump heavily, our blood pressures getting high.
Our body start to produce sweats, flows through our tighten muscles.
Our minds starts to think negatively, thinking about the worse case scenario.
What might happens or what could happen?
We can't avoid forever from facing our own fear. [source]

Everyone has fear. Deep buried into their unsubconcious mind.
Whether they notices it or not.
Without realizing, they knows that they have it.
They tries to cover it up, but they can't.
Because they know, sooner or later, they need to face it. They have to face it.

Hey Critics!!! Look at Yourself

I don't want to be on that guy position. [source]
No one is perfect. No one is flawless. No one. 
Because God made us that way. We are made that way. 
So that, we have rooms for improvement.
So that, we have spaces for developments.

And life. It's full of suprises.
Readings and learning are just some channels but experiences are the best teachers.
Through this step, we learn a thing or two about life.That eventually, develops different perspective on the journey of life. So, its up to us to decide what's best for us. That's why it's up to us to keep on moving forward. To find the right path. To follow the right track. Until that happens, all we need to do is to keep on searching. Seeking for the true meaning of life.

Being a Doctor is Not That Easy

A life in a hand. [source]
A doctor.
It used to be my ambition, when I was in high school. But now, it just reminds me of a version that I could be. Or a version of me that I would never become.

As a profession.
In order to become a doctor, a surgeon for that matter, it is not easy. It requires hard work, and lots of motivation. It needs high level of focus, because you know why, it will takes all of your time. It takes forever. Before you get a license to get your knowledge into practice. Five years in college. Three years as an intern. So, it takes at least eight years before you can become a doctor. Not too mention, if you failed your assessments.

The Prices that We Need To Pay

A goal, a dream that everyone wants to achieve.
A mission and vision of every country.
A reward, benefits to hardworking and selfless effort.
Is this a kind of city that you want to live in? Well, think again. [source]

But, "Is it worth it?". Asked yourself, think carefully before you answer.
The question is simple, and yet the answer is quite hard to find.
Well, the truth is, in the process of development, we need to sacrifice.
We need to give something in return. Because, you see, we can't have it both ways.

Life ~ It's about Making Difficult Choices

It's all about making difficult choices. It's all about selecting the best option.
Funny thing about life, we can't run from this obligation. We cannot run from this fate.
It's either we stay or we run away. It's either to fight or to flight.
By the end of it, we have to make a decision.
Good and Evil. Two sides in every human. [source]
Life as a kid.
Since we were kids, we are required to make decisions. To plan the future or to decide the next step. At the time, naive and innocent, without realizing it, we made the first step of a bright future when we decided the schools that we wanted to study in. Even though, at those times, we were just following "orders" from our parents, instinctively, we were actually decided to follow their instructions in the process. Because, they knew what’s best for us. They knew better.

Pāto 23 ~ SHELL, Do I or Can I?

6.00 pm. Monday.
Received a call. An unknown number.
Curiosity started to build up. Who might that be.
There was a voice on the other end. A woman.
Caller: Hello, is this ******?.
Me: Yeah, that's me.
Caller: Hello, I'm ****** *** from Shell. I found your resume from JobStreet.com.
Me: Owh, I see.
Caller: Do you want to join Shell Recruitment Day?
Me: Yeah, sure. Why not? (Even though, I didn't have any idea what was that :)
Caller: Okay, if that so. I'll send you an invitation afterward. Is this your email address? ******@yahoo.com.
Me: Yeah, that's right.
Caller: By the way, are you currently working?
Me: Hmmm...yeah, but I'm on a contract. But I could terminate it with a one week notice.
Caller: Ok, that's good. I'll send you an email after this. Be sure to send your complete resume' since your resume' in JobStreet isn't complete.
Me: Yeah, I know, let me send you another one then.
Caller: Okay, thank you. Bye.
Me: Bye.

Pāto 22 ~ Life and Death

Yesterday. Morning.
Received a call from my mum.
A relative of mine just died. An in law of my grandmother.
Shocked. The last time someone close died was five years ago.
Even though I was not really close with him, but I could feel his lost.

The Arrival.
They were a lot of people there.
All of us gathered to give him our last respect. To see him for the last time.
Because, we know, after that, we won't see him again. On earth.

At the time, people were preparing to give him the last bath.
Few moments later, they brought him into a special tub, for his last bath.
Afterward, they had put him on the floor and I'd managed to see him for the last time, before they wrapped him with the winding sheet

Lesson #15 ~ Stay Focus

Ooohhh, what a shame. [source]
 If you want to get to your car,
while listening to radio on earphones,
don't lose your focus,
when you saw a beautiful woman.
Otherwise, you ends up embarrass yourself,
trying to open a door of another car.
syaftome ~ luckily, no one was watching.

Lesson #14 ~ Follow The Format

Write a draft before you sends the mail. [source]
 If you write an email to a possible employer,
make sure that you follow the format.
Because this is important,
to show them that you are professional.
syaftome ~ made a huge mistake when I didn't re-check my mail.

Surprises Are Good Sometime

To make it works on someone, a detailed plan is a must.
But sometime, it happens without any proper blueprint of action.
Sometime, it just happens.

A surprise could give someone a moment of happiness.
And also, it could give someone a horrific moment of truth.
A kind of surprise, which could be considered as good or bad.
It's okay, if it is good, but when it comes to a bad and shocking surprise, it just breaks your heart. It just made you fragile, shattered into pieces, that can't be formed into one again, forever.

Nah, I don't want to talk about all that nightmares.
I want to emphasize on the good part, the true purpose of a surprise.

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