The True Meaning of Strength

Mahatma Gandhi, the ideological leader of India once said,
"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

But why he said that actually? 
Aren't we strong when we could pull a loaded airplane with our bare hands? 
Aren't we strong when we could jog around the city for days non-stop? 
Or aren't we strong when there is nothing that could harm us physically? 
The answer, is absolutely a big fat NO. 
The strength actually comes from wisdom and motivation.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi [source]
And so, right now, we are not talking about the physical capability.
But instead, it's all about the human strength against all anonymity.
Against all odds with the right mind capacity. 
With the shield of heart versus every negativity.

Pāto 31 ~ A Month Passed By

Hello bloggers!!!
Wow!!! It's been a month. And plus plus.
Since the last time I published an entry in here.
Can't believe it's been a while.

Speaking of which, a month is a very long time.
Anything could happen in a month.
Anything could change in a second.
Let alone a month. Thirty days.

Throughout my absence, I began to see things clearly, differently.
I began to listen to my inner voice and really look into things that was happening.
And throughout my journey, I really learned something new, something fresh.
So, just let me give you guys a brief of summary.
And just bear this with me.

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