Must Have Apps in a Smartphone

Today, when we talks about handphones, it's all about smartphones.
And nowadays, when we talks on such technology, it usually related to OS platform.
You name it, Bada, iOS, RIM, Symbian, Windows Mobile and last but not least, is the Android.
These platforms, even though they have different interfaces and features.
They are actually the same.
They are those whose upgrades a regular phone to a smartphone.
And why they are called smartphones?
Because they are so smart, they could helps us do anything.
They could help us, with just a touch of a button.
And by being smart, they are able to create cool and smart applications.
Without the availability of these great application, personally, I won't be able to recognize them,
Various Mobile OS Platforms [source]

So, let's see what are some of the must-have applications in every smartphone;
1. Notes Application *
Before I used a smartphone, I used to bring a notebook when I go to work for a function. Just to write the names of guests for seating arrangement. And of course by using a pen, which sometimes I forgot to bring. But nowadays, whenever I go to a function, and there was a long list of names to jot down on a piece of paper, it won't become a problem. All I need to do, is to type those names into my notes application accordingly. By doing that, I'll be able to scroll through easily to find the names later on. Additionally, this application could also be use to make a checklist.

2. Calendar
For a person who is always busy. A calendar application is a must. It's where you make schedules for your meetings. And it's where you write down important dates. Your parent's birthday, or perhaps any significant anniversary. Even, dates for public holiday. And you could always put a reminder on every event. Because, I know, even though they writes down every important events in a calendar, it won't make a difference if you didn't notice about it. Or aware about it.

3. To-do list *
Another important application for a hardworking person is a to-do list. It's a list of tasks that must be done within a certain of time. Or perhaps a list of goals that must be reach no matter what, where it's more like promises to oneself that must be kept. While a calendar is more towards a long-term planning, a to-do list application is helping more towards a short-term goal planning. With this application, there won't be any problem to remember on things that must be done throughout the day.

4. Social Network
This is a must in every smartphone. An application that keeps users up-to-date to their friends. This is something that hardcore users can't live without. Because this is where they'll be able to keep track to every new information through those statuses. And for those who likes to take photos, integrated with camera functionality, users will be able to post new pictures to their social network profiles instantly, on mobile.

5. Instant Messenger *
For those who likes to chat with their friends, this is another must have application in their smartphone. They'll be able to chat instantly, because this is the fastest way of communication. And it's another channel for voice call, whereby this will absolutely saves money on regular voice call.

6. Digital Wallet *
In order to become an excellent and wise money spender, one of the steps is to keep track of every expense. By doing this, we'll be able to see how much money we spent on things like food, fuel, tolls, etc. After recording every transaction, it will definitely help us to make budgets on how much money we need to spend and how much money we could actually saves.

7. Track ID
Have you ever been in a shopping mall, when suddenly they plays a song that you likes but you don't know who sings it or the title of the song? Well, here is a solution. This application will be able to recognize the title of the song and its singer, just by recording a fragment of the song. For those who loves music and up-to-date to today's hit songs, this is a must.

8. All-in-One Media Center
This is just an additional. For a smartphone that I'm currently using right now, the manufacturer actually created an application called Mediascape. That is where my songs, videos and photos are located. With just a touch of a button, easy access to those files could be done. Filtering system made easy to search for a specific file. For example, in music, a file could be search based on the name of albums, tracks, genres or artists.

* These applications need to be downloaded before it could be use.

Foot Note:
1. Obviously, a web browser is included in every smartphone. Its just a matter how fast is the browsing speed.
2. Every OS platform(or models) have different built-in application.
3. The availability of each application differs in every platform.
4. Some of the application requires internet access for it to function.

syaftome ~ gladly made a good choice

6 de' tour comments:

Jue said...

mun ku da da cgek smartphone kelak, ku akn refer entry tok balit hehehe
mun ada yg miss hehehe
jailbreak!wajib buat lok HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

syaftome said...

so far as i know...
jailbreak hanya utk apple produk jak dapat...
ipad, iphone and ipod... dan segala jenis i lah...hehe...

beli jangan sik beli...
ia satu pelaburan yang berguna...

Jue said...

ku dah da iphone cgek tp alu sik di jailbreak
**sdgkan dah berik ngan adik phone ya hahaha**

tp ku + iphone nang sikpat get along..maok cap sony erickson juak hahaha

syaftome said...

bos kmk ada jwak makei iphone ya...
nya madah nang x friendly...
lgpun iphone ya sik seswai ngan ktk bah...
5 mp jak...hehe...

Jue said...

hahaha tauk jak nya ku suka kamera hahahaha
aok sik bapa friendly
ari ya ku dah g kedei sony ericsson
nanga dah nok model arc ka pa
stail juak hor
sa mok beli tp saving lok
boh mbazir hahaha

syaftome said...

yalah ya...
nang stail...nipis jwak...
tapi nang mahal...
and sigek yg sik best nya...
capacity battery nya sik besar...
sama besar ngan battery xperia x10...

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