Pāto 34 ~ Three Months Anniversary

It's been three months, isn't it?
Since the first day we've been together.
I still remember the day I first met you.
I had my eyes on "someone" else at first.
But at the moment I saw you, I couldn't looked elsewhere.
It feels like love at first sight for me.
I hesitated at first to make you to be mine.
But after I got to know you, I made up my mine.
Without any hesitation, on 25th January 2011,
I made you mine, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

Officially, you are my first ever handphone I bought with hard-earned salary.
It was no mistake at all.
Even though it was last minute decision, I've made a right choice.
I would never imagine otherwise.
I would never dreamed of being with "someone" else.
It was perfect. It still is. Being with you.
Comes in black and white. [source]

Well, why do I adores so much about you?
Of course, first thing first, it's because you're big.
That's the first thing I love about you.
That's how I noticed you.
Even though people says that small is the next big thing.
That's absolutely not true about you.
Don't people like big screens on TV or tablets nowadays?
That's the case with you.
When you're big, it's easy for me to find you.
And even though you're big, you're stylish and have a great figure.
Well, that's how I always thought of you.

Furthermore, to add to that beautiful body of yours.
Your inner beauty of android charms, really attracts people to you.
Your charms really shines through, penetrating the heart of others, even those cold-hearted.
That's why, people are so into you.

Well, truthfully, you helped me a lot.
You always there for me, in the times of leisure and difficult times.
You wakes me up every morning, to get me to work.
You reminds me of every important schedules or tasks that I must do.
You keeps track of every expense I've made throughout the day.
And when I need reliable sources of information or entertainment, you're the one I turned too.

So, what I'm saying. I treasures you very much
I never regretted of meeting you and made you mine.
Every day was never boring and tense with you around.
And every moment was never the same when I'm with you.
So, once again. Thank you for being with me.
Hope we could cherish these memories forever.

~ Saranghapnida.~

syaftome ~ what the hell I just wrote here

7 de' tour comments:

Aida Ismail said...

i thought it was a girl. phewww~

syaftome said...

hahaha...i wish...

Jue said...

hahaha intro yg kck!suspen jak
ku pun ada plan mok beli xperia tok
camney.ok sik? sbb bc latest entry is psl app di smartphone & ko da mention u hv made a correct choice

syaftome said...

belilah xperia x10i mun mok skrin besar...with android 2.1...
and 8.1 mp...sbb aku tauk ko mesti suka camera pixel besar nak...hehe...

and xperia tok memang best...
so far so good...
xda molah masalah w/pun dah gugok beberapa kali...hehe...

ps: mun mok latest model xperia...
kinek tok dah ada xperia arc...
4.2" screen size with android 2.3...
better camera functionality...
and harga nya pun mahal lah...

Jue said...

oraite..kelak survey harga
tq for the recommendation hihi

mcm tauk2 jak ko aku suka kamera pixel bsr HAHAHAHAHHA

besala..sony erickson ma
thn lasak you
regards of the model

xperia arc?
jap survey...away mode jap

ok dtg blk!pergh
tp ya la harga nya
"boleh thn" **smbl molah calculation** hahaha

nunggu bonus lak la ah

syaftome said...

coz aku tauk ko suka ngambik gmbar...
sbb yalah aku tauk...haha...

arc ya memang mahal...
tp nipis jwak...
camnei ndak kah mun gugok...
mok patah duak...hehe...
putih jak lah mata...
mun cam ya...haha...

Anonymous said...

haih..ingatkan kenangan jumpe wife sebelom kawen..hahahha..suem orang tekena..

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