Promotion Is Not The First Priority

While people thinks that promotion is the X-factor that determines the successful of any product. The success of giving a great exposure of any product. Anywho, I'd like to think otherwise.

Yes, sure. Promotion is how the audience or potential buyers get to know the products or services. Promotion is how people gets to know about the product. But before doing any promotion, isn't it a priority to produce a good or perhaps a great product first. Or else, provides an excellence service. If these requirements are not covered, it doesn't matter how good the promotion was, it doesn't matter how much money was spent, the promotion wasn't going to be successful if the products/services aren't any good. Excepts from the quality of such product/service, other factors must also be included such as the price, the availability, reliability, etc.

What's so good about promotions, if there is not enough seats for a concert.
What's so good about promotions, if the venue of a luxury restaurant lies deep inside a rainforest.
What's so good about promotions, if the products are not reliable.
What's so good about promotions, if the prices are not acceptable.
And what's so good about promotions, if the quality of services are not up to consumer expectations.
It's low but there's hidden extra charge. [source]

So, let's say a manager was so excited about a public service complaint channel, and thus the promotion. There were so many ideas produced to give exposure of this channel. Car stickers, fridge magnets, balloons, key chains and even a frame for JPJ road tax. While this kind of promotion is good, it must meet the public or rakyat's expectations.

However, the truth is, the quality of services provided by this channel are not much according to what said during the promotions. There were so many outstanding complaints. There were so many comments left unattended. And there were so many sweet things was said during the promotions but the reality is so much depressing. Thus, resulting a complete failure.

Therefore, I personally think that before any promotion is done, every aspect of the product must be well investigated and well inspected. It must be flawless in order to produce a great promotion and thus resulting a great success in encouraging people to buy the product or using the services.

syaftome ~ the degree of promotion is directly proportional to the quality of services

2 de' tour comments:

Coffee Girl said...

It's pure advertising crap, marketing tactics, publicity stunt... sometimes cakap tak serupa bikin. for those that sounded too good to be true, look for the fine prints. :-)

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Sometimes it'll work while sometimes it depends on how we promote something aite?


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