Promotion Is Not The First Priority

While people thinks that promotion is the X-factor that determines the successful of any product. The success of giving a great exposure of any product. Anywho, I'd like to think otherwise.

Yes, sure. Promotion is how the audience or potential buyers get to know the products or services. Promotion is how people gets to know about the product. But before doing any promotion, isn't it a priority to produce a good or perhaps a great product first. Or else, provides an excellence service. If these requirements are not covered, it doesn't matter how good the promotion was, it doesn't matter how much money was spent, the promotion wasn't going to be successful if the products/services aren't any good. Excepts from the quality of such product/service, other factors must also be included such as the price, the availability, reliability, etc.

The Best Present A Mother Could Have

When we talks about any celebration, it usually involves special treats, gifts and traditions. This is also happens to Mother's Day. So, on this very particular day, people usually likes to go out with their mothers to have some kind of outing.

For some, they'd like to have lunch at some luxury restaurant and for those who likes environmental scenery, they prefers picnic at the beach or maybe at some discreet waterfall in the woods. It doesn't matter where it is, because the point here is that, they'd like to spend some quality time with their mothers.

For those who doesn't likes to go out, due to huge amount of traffic, especially during weekends, they'd like to celebrate this kind of occasion at home. They might have prepared a cake and some meals for their beloved moms. Besides that, to show their appreciations, they might have prepared a special gift as a present to their beloved mothers.

While this sort of special treatments makes people happy, and in this case, makes every mother happy. There are also some other kind of "presents" that we could give to our mothers. It's so simple and easy thing to do. And it doesn't even cost a penny to do it. All it takes is the courage to say the words.

Must Have Apps in a Smartphone

Today, when we talks about handphones, it's all about smartphones.
And nowadays, when we talks on such technology, it usually related to OS platform.
You name it, Bada, iOS, RIM, Symbian, Windows Mobile and last but not least, is the Android.
These platforms, even though they have different interfaces and features.
They are actually the same.
They are those whose upgrades a regular phone to a smartphone.
And why they are called smartphones?
Because they are so smart, they could helps us do anything.
They could help us, with just a touch of a button.
And by being smart, they are able to create cool and smart applications.
Without the availability of these great application, personally, I won't be able to recognize them,
Various Mobile OS Platforms [source]

So, let's see what are some of the must-have applications in every smartphone;
1. Notes Application *
Before I used a smartphone, I used to bring a notebook when I go to work for a function. Just to write the names of guests for seating arrangement. And of course by using a pen, which sometimes I forgot to bring. But nowadays, whenever I go to a function, and there was a long list of names to jot down on a piece of paper, it won't become a problem. All I need to do, is to type those names into my notes application accordingly. By doing that, I'll be able to scroll through easily to find the names later on. Additionally, this application could also be use to make a checklist.

Pāto 34 ~ Three Months Anniversary

It's been three months, isn't it?
Since the first day we've been together.
I still remember the day I first met you.
I had my eyes on "someone" else at first.
But at the moment I saw you, I couldn't looked elsewhere.
It feels like love at first sight for me.
I hesitated at first to make you to be mine.
But after I got to know you, I made up my mine.
Without any hesitation, on 25th January 2011,
I made you mine, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

A Life as A Student is Tough

Studying. Sure its tough, isn't it?
Who could says otherwise?
And sure, it was tough for me too.
Reading books, memorizing and practicing.
And at last, there comes the examination.
The toughest moment of all. For any student.
Where we'll put everything we learned onto a sheet of paper.
Which will decide everything.
Either we'll PASS or FAIL.

But apart from learning and the process of mastering the subject.
There comes another difficulty of studying.
Difficulty of coping life while studying.
Surviving the another chapter of life being a student.
A life of being an undergraduate student.

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